Saturday, October 31, 2015

RNZAF visitors to Wellington

The RNZAF have been out and about today, with both a Boeing 757-2K2, NZ7571, and a Beech B200 Super King Air, NZ7122, visiting Wellington.

The B200 was in and out quite quickly but the B757 was parked up for a few hours and was still there when I left for the evening.

Boeing 757-2K2, NZ7571, Operated by the RNZAF

Beech B200 Super King Air, NZ7122, operated by the RNZAF

Visiting Vans RV7A

A different and very interesting visitor for today was this Vans RV7A, ZK-VII [get it??? :-)], which is registered to an Auckland address and operated out of North Shore Airfield.

The owners popped into Wellington for a short stop and a fuel top up as part of a trip around the countryside. This amateur built aircraft was originally registered in 2007 and still looks brand new. Nice!



Thursday, October 29, 2015

Last two photos from last weekend

I've finally caught up on my photos from last weekend. here are two more that I quite like... a little boring perhaps :-), although I still quite like the Originair livery.

First up is an Originair branded British Aerospace Jetstream J31, ZK-JSH. This is officially operated by Air Freight NZ, who provide the aircraft and crews for Originair.

British Aerospace Jetstream J31, ZK-JSH, operated by Air Freight NZ
Next up is a Mount Cook Airline [Air NZ] operated ATR72, ZK-MVB. This is one of the new -600 series aircraft.

ATR-GIE ATR72-212A, ZK-MVB, operated by Mount Cook Airline/ Air NZ

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cessna 650 Citation III

Another interesting aircraft from the long weekend is this Cessna 650 Citation III, N163JM. This is a New Zealand based aircraft and so I've seen it out and about a wee bit.

The first two photos are from Saturday, and the final image is a departure from Monday.

Cessna 650 Citation III, N163JM

Cessna 650 Citation III, N163JM
Cessna 650 Citation III, N163JM

Monday, October 26, 2015

Vintage Cessna 172 at Wellington

Earlier today an original Cessna 172 visited Wellington. By original, I mean a "Cessna 172", not a 172A, but just plain, original "172".


This aircraft, registration ZK-REV, is registered to a Te Awamutu [Waikato] address.

There are several differences between the very early and later model C172's. A couple of examples are the straight tail, and the two venturi tubes on the right hand side of the fuselage, just in front on the wing.

Anyway, here are the photos.

Cessna 172, ZK-REV

Cessna 172, ZK-REV

Eurocopter EC130

After the Alliance F50 of my last post, I was able to capture various photographs of a Eurocopter EC130 B4, ZK-IDY, as it arrived and departed Wellington. This aircraft is operated by precision helicopters of an Urenui [Taranaki] address, and has been doing a bit of flying in and out recently. In this case, it might have been associated with a business jet that was floating around, although I can't be sure.

In any case, it is noticeably quieter that the BK117's that frequent Wellington.

What follows are a selection of photos from the two arrivals and departures I saw from Saturday.

Eurocopter EC130 B4, ZK-IDY, operated by Precision Helicopters

Eurocopter EC130 B4, ZK-IDY, operated by Precision Helicopters

Eurocopter EC130 B4, ZK-IDY, operated by Precision Helicopters

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Alliance Fokker F50

I captured some interesting photos this weekend [and given it's a long weekend, maybe tomorrow also], including the departure of the Alliance Airlines operated Fokker F50, VH-FKO.

This aircraft is in the middle of a Tauck Tours tours of New Zealand and aside from it's several-times-a-year visits to New Zealand, it is resident in Australia. It must be expensive to position it from Australia [I'm not sure they have pax on the positioning flights - does anyone know for sure??]
but it must be worthwhile, wince it replaced a local aircraft from earlier this year.

The light wasn't great for the photos [ok, the light was fine, I wasn't in the best position!], but beggars can't be choosers, and neither can I :-)

Fokker F50, VH-FKO, operated by Alliance Airlines

Fokker F50, VH-FKO, operated by Alliance Airlines

Fokker F50, VH-FKO, operated by Alliance Airlines

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Air Wanganui's air ambulance

This is Air Wanganui's Beech C90A, ZK-MKG. This is operated as an air ambulance, although Sunday's winds, I'm not sure I would want to have been ill and onboard [and to be fair, I don't know if it was a drop-off or pickup].

Beech C09A, ZK-MKG, operated by Air Wanganui

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Originair's Jetstream

Today's picture is another of the Originair-operated British Aerospace Jetstream J32, ZK-ECI. This is pictured during the landing, and as it passes a very similarly-coloured fire engine in the background :-)

British Aerospace Jetstream J32, ZK-ECI, operated by Originair

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Baby business jet departure

The final picture from today is a picture of a Cessna C510 Citation Mustang, ZK-RJZ. This aircraft is operated by Tirohanga Holdings of a Wellington address. This is Bob Jones's personal aircraft [note the words on the side].

ZK-RJZ was previously [and recently] registered VH-KJG, which is how I originally photographed it.

Cessna C510 Citation Mustang, ZK-RJZ, operated by Tirohanga Holdings

QANTAS/ Jetconnect overshoot

I was at Wellington Airport this afternoon when I turned around to see a Jetconnect [QANTAS] operated Boeing 737-838, ZK-ZQG, overshooting from low level. There was nothing in it, excep that the forecast southerly change came in. Another Jetconnect Boeing held south of the airfield before positioning to come in from the north.

Anyway, here are two photos - the first during the overshoot, the second during the subsequent landing.

Boeing 737-838, ZK-ZQG, operated by Jetconnect/ QANTAS

Boeing 737-838, ZK-ZQG, operated by Jetconnect/ QANTAS

Friday, October 16, 2015

Piper PA44-180 Seminole

I was sent the following photos of a Piper PA44-180 Seminole, ZK-MBV, which was parked up in the sun outside the Aero Club yesterday. This aircraft is registered to the RNZAF Base Aviation Sports Club, which is located at the RNZAF Base at Whenuapai.

Not much to say about it, except thanks to Iain for sending the pictures!

Piper PA44-180, ZK-MBV, operated by RNZAF Base Aviation Sports Club

Piper PA44-180, ZK-MBV, operated by RNZAF Base Aviation Sports Club

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Aussie RAAF jet at Wellington last Sunday

Last Sunday there were a couple of military jets visiting Wellington. I only have photos of the Australian RAAF jet, a Bombardier Challenger 604 [CL-600-2B16], A37-001.

The aircraft was only here for a couple of hours, as it arrived while I was out flying and left an hour or so after I got back.

As an aside, what appeared to be a US military Gulfstream arrived as I was departing. I got no pictures, but I hear that the aircraft was towed into the Execujet hanger - if anyone knows more, please leave a message :-)

Bombardier Challenger 604 [CL-600-2B16], A37-001, operated by the RAAF

Bombardier Challenger 604 [CL-600-2B16], A37-001, operated by the RAAF

Bombardier Challenger 604 [CL-600-2B16], A37-001, operated by the RAAF

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


The final visitor of note [at least of the ones I got photos of] is this RNZAF-operated NHI NH90 helicopter, NZ3301.

I did see an NH90 depart earlier today, but I was a little late to get a photo, so I don't know if it was the same one, although I suspect that it might have been. Anyway, for this arrival, it dropped off Gerry Brownlee, who, amongst his other many roles, is the current Minister of Defence.

NHI NH90, NZ3301, operated by the RNZAF

Monday, October 12, 2015

Updated: Beech B200

Another aircraft from Saturday was this Beech B200, ZK-MYM. This aircraft is operated by, an airline we don't see or hear much about these days.

The aircraft itself is based at Wellington for the time being as a backup for the current air ambulance [although I hear rumour it will be replaced by a Jetstream some time soon].

Beech B200, ZK-MYM, operated by

Beech B200, ZK-MYM, operated by
Thanks to those who provided an update on this aircraft!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Flying around the Wairarapa today

I got a chance to go for a flight today, as a passenger for a change. Guru pilot Rhys took me for a ride around the Wairarapa area, including overhead Flat Point aerodrome at 13,000'.

Aircraft for the day was the Club's Cessna 172N, ZK-FLT. Here are some photos.

Cessna 172N, ZK-FLT, cockpit panel. Note the altimeter

Looking south across Lake Wairarapa

Flat Point aerodrome [center-left] from 13,000'

Local prison in Wellington

Petone foreshore, looking west on the return to Wellington

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Eurocopter EC130

Another visitor from Saturday afternoon was a Eurocopter EC130 B4, ZK-IDY. This aircraft is registered to Precision Helicopters of a Urenui [Taranaki] address.

Eurocopter EC130 B4, ZK-IDY, operated by Precision Helicopter

Bombardier Global Express

I was just leaving for lunch today when I saw this Bombardier BD700-1A10 Global Express, N18WZ, preparing to leave for Auckland! We don't get many of these aircraft here, so it's a bit of an attraction when they do turn up [and a good reason to delay getting lunch...! :-)].

Anyway, information from another photographer [who had a scanner handy] indicates the aircraft went to Auckland at a planned altitude of FL410 - significantly higher than the other traffic between Wellington and Auckland.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took.

Bombardier BD700-1A10 Global Express, N18WZ

Bombardier BD700-1A10 Global Express, N18WZ

Bombardier BD700-1A10 Global Express, N18WZ

Bombardier BD700-1A10 Global Express, N18WZ

Bombardier BD700-1A10 Global Express, N18WZ

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Beech A36 Bonanza

A visitor to Wellington on Saturday was a Beech A36 Bonanza, ZK-PVA. this aircraft is registered to a Dunedin address.

I was in the wrong place for the light, but never mind :-)

Beech A36, ZK-PVA

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Windy, so quiet today

After all the excitement of a BFR yesterday, today's weather was quite different, with strong winds at the beginning of the day, and stronger winds in the evening :-)

Needless to say, there was nothing much happening flying-wise at the aero club, and just the usual commercial flights operating.

So, just one picture today. It's a Fiji Airways operated Boeing 737-808, DQ-FJN.

Boeing 737-808, DQ-FJN, operated by Fiji Airways
As a small bonus, here is a video walk-around of a Fiji Airways/ Air Pacific from November 2013 I found on Youtube. Air Pacific was rebranded to Fiji Airways in 2013.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Biennial Flight Review. Tick!

At least every two years, pilots are required to undergo a check of their skills... the Biennial Flight Review, or BFR, Basically, a BFR is a review of a pilots flying skills to determine whether they still meet the flight test standards for their licence, along with a review of theoretical knowledge. Unlike the original flight test, if a pilot fails one activity, they can do another flight, perhaps after some additional training.

Anyway, today was BFR day for me. Rather than the usual jump is a plane, go do the manoeuvres and go home, we [the Chief Flying Instructor and I], took a little longer and covered all of the required manoeuvers along with a flight somewhere interesting. In this case, we ended up flying out of Wellington, west to D'Urville Island and back again.

On the way over, we undertook most of the manoeuvres, including turns, stalls, a FLWOP and more. At D'Urville Island, we combined max performance takeoffs, precision approaches and crosswind circuits. We threw in some additional activities on the way back. The final landing at Wellington was flapless, so we covered everything in one flight. Fun times!

Anyway, here are a few pictures from around D'Urville Island, starting with the parking area and approaches at each end. Fun times indeed!

Cessna 172N, ZK-FLT, parked up on D'Urville Island

Approach towards the north

Approach towards the south

Ready for takeoff