Saturday, February 21, 2009

Piper PA-31 from Air2There

Here are some photos of an Piper PA-31, ZK-WHW, at Wellington.

What may be interesting is the installation of winglets. I don't recall seeing of PA-31's with winglets before. They sure look good though!

Piper PA-31, ZK-WHW, Air2There.comPiper PA-31, ZK-WHW, Air2There.comPiper PA-31, ZK-WHW,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SEEK and you will find.

Here are photos of two mid-week lighties visiting Wellington. The first is a Cessna R182. ZK-ETX is registered to Professional Colour Laboratories Ltd - no idea where in the country though.

The second is a little more exotic. G-SEEK is a Cessna T210N registered to a Shelford, Cambridge, UK address. I seem to recall that it is tripping around the world, although it seems to have been in New Zealand for a while now. If anyone has more details, please leave a comment :-)

Thank you to Chris for these photos!

Cessna R182, ZK_ETXCessna T210N, G-SEEK

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More visitors

Here are a couple more photos from the weekend.

Firstly, another one of ZK-HZN, an Aerospatiale AS 350BA rescue helicopter which has made a few trips in recently. Apparantly we can expect to see a few more rescue helicopters landing at Wellington as single-engined helicopters are no longer permitted to use the hospital roof-top heliport, except in an emergency [as distinct from a regular patient transport trip].

The second aircraft is ZK-MAP, a Cessna 402B, registered to a Nelson address.

Aerospatiale AS 350BA, ZK-HZNCessna 402B, ZK-MAPCessna 402B, ZK-MAPCessna 402B, ZK-MAP

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today's visitors

Here are a couple of today's visitors to Wellington. The first is a rescue helicopter. ZK-HZN is an Aerospatiale AS 350BA and I think this is operated by Helicopters Services (BOP) Ltd for the Phillips Search and Rescue Trust, based in Tauranga or Taupo.

ZK-EQS is a Piper Warrior PA28-161 and was previously based at Wellington Aero Club, albeit with quite a different paint scheme [this one is much nicer :-)]. I flew this aircraft to Nelson and remember it as a nice aircraft that was a pleasure to fly.

Finally, ZK-KAP is a Partenavia P68C and based with Kapiti Aero Club [at Paraparaumu airfield]. The aircraft was flown down [a 20 or so minute flight each way] for a 1 hour stop over by another Wellington Aero Club member.

Aerospatiale AS 350BA, ZK-HZNPiper PA28-161 Warrior, ZK-EQSPiper PA28-161 Warrior, ZK-EQSPiper PA28-161 Warrior, ZK-EQSPartenavia P68C, ZK-KAP, Kapiti Aero ClubPartenavia P68C, ZK-KAP, Kapiti Aero ClubPartenavia P68C, ZK-KAP, Kapiti Aero Club

Canadair Challenger 604 at Wellington

As reported on MRC Aviation, a Canadair Challenger 604 visited Wellington in the last week, on route to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. OE-INP is an Austrian registered aircraft. Thanks to "spotter-in-training" :-) Chris for the photos!

The aircraft is spotted exiting the runway at Whiskey 2 on to the western apron.

Canadair Challenger 604, OE-INPCanadair Challenger 604, OE-INP

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Waitangi Weekend #6: The end of a perfect day

Well, it's Sunday, so the end of a perfect long weekend and back to work tomorrow morning.

I decided that I needed to go for a fly today, so I booked our Piper PA28-181 Archer, ZK-TDJ. With the weather reportably not too good to the north-west, and no one to come along for the ride anyway, I decided to just do a few circuits.

The surface wind was almost straight down the runway [just a slight crosswind from the right from time to time], 20 knots, gusting up to around 30 knots. It was very busy at one point [so I got good again at orbiting...!], but I managed to get a few circuits in - normal and short approaches, flaps and flapless and enough wind to keep it interesting. Just what I needed to eradicate a bit of rust while still enjoying myself :-) It was very hot in the cockpit though.

After all that, what better way to end the day than a quiet drink at the Club bar? None as far as I can tell! Now all I need is a large donation so I can buy into a Nanchang syndicate :-) ha ha!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Waitangi Weekend #5: More planes spotted

I spotted a number of aircraft at and around Wellington today. The first picture is another of the NZ Post/Airwork Boeing 737-219QC, ZK-NQC parked up at Wellington.

The second are two photos of a Royal New Zealand Air Force [RNZAF] Lockheed P3K Orion during an overshoot where it seemed to be well left of the centre line, almost over the aero club [which makes for interesting photos :-)].

The last two photos are of an Australian registered Convair 440/580, VH-PAL of Pionair arriving at Wellington.

Boeing 737-219QC, ZK-NQC, NZ Post/AirworkLockheed P3K Orion, Royal New Zealand Air ForceLockheed P3K Orion, Royal New Zealand Air ForceConvair 440/580, VH-PAL, PionairConvair 440/580, VH-PAL, Pionair

Waitangi Weekend #4: I flew the Nanchang!!

Today was a fantastic day! Not only was the sun shining all day, the wind wasn't too strong [around 20 knots when I finally got up], but I got to go up for a flight in the Nanchang CJ6, ZK-CVI. AWESOME!

It's a bit weird being in the back seat [instead of right next to the instructor], and it's even weirder when almost every instrument is labelled in a foreign language and often using different measurements [metric instead of imperial]!

The flight consisted of a quick scenic over the CBD [the "Caketin" Westpac stadium looked busy with the rugby sevens], then a quick doddle around the Hutt Valley before returning to land.

Here's another picture of ZK-CVI from yesterday.

Nanchang CJ6, ZK-CVI

Friday, February 06, 2009

Waitangi Weekend #3: Nanchang CJ6

A special visitor to was Nanchang CJ6 , ZK-CVI. There is some thought being given to setting up a syndicate to bring this particular aircraft to Wellington, and so this weekend has been an opportunity for those interested people to take a look and perhaps have a fly.

While not looking to get in to the syndicate, I did have a good poke around the aircraft and it looks really nice. The cockpit is so roomy, and if I get a chance, I might seriously look at a rating. It's big, roomy and a wee bit different :-)

Many of the instruments are the original Chinese gear, just with some westernised equipment such as an imperial [rather than metric] altimeter in the front cockpit.

Nanchang CV6, ZK-CVINanchang CV6, ZK-CVINanchang CV6, ZK-CVINanchang CV6, ZK-CVI

Waitangi Weekend #2: Boeing B737-219QC

Here is a picture of the NZ Post/Airwork Boeing 737-219QC which was repainted during recent maintenance. While mainly used for night freight operations, this one appeared to drop off a load of passengers before being parked up for the day. I'm guessing that this was a special "Rugby Sevens" flight.

Boeing 737-219QC, ZK-NQC, Airwork/NZ Post

Waitangi Weekend #1: Light visitors

With today being Waitangi Day [and so a public holiday] and also the first day of games for the Wellington round of the Rugby Sevens, it turned out to be a busy day. There were more than the usual number of light aircraft visitors. Some of these aircraft are featured below.

ZK-EOX is an aircraft that I have previously flown. This Cessna 172N is registered to Ardmore Flying School, and it is the aircraft that I used for my first post-PPL cross country, from Ardmore [Auckland] to Wanganui and back on 1 March 2000. The trip was memorable for the cruddy weather :-(

ZK-EWP is a Cessna 172RG registered to Eagle Flight Training, also based at Ardmore Aerodrome. ZK-CKF is a Mooney M20C with by far the roughest paint I have every seen in an aircraft - let's hope the inside of it is better! It is registered to a Christchurch address.

ZK-ETU is registered to Nelson Aero Club and is a Cessna C172P. Finally, ZK-NPK is a Cessna 152 registered to New Plymouth Aero Club.

Cessna 172N, ZK-EOX, Ardmore Flying SchoolCessna 172RG, ZK-EWP, Eagle Flight TrainingMooney M20C, ZK-CKFCessna 172P, ZK-ETU, Nelson Aero ClubCessna 152, ZK-NPK, New Plymouth Aero Club

US Airways/ Hudson River ditching radio transcript released

Just a short post to say that the FAA has released audio and text transcripts of the accident involving an A320 with the resultant Hudson River ditching. Callsign to listen for is Cactus 1549.

These transcripts start prior to the incident and go for some time afterwards.

MP3 Audio Recording

PDF Document Version