Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Test of ZK-EKE's camera hatch

Last weekend I undertook a brief test of the camera hatch on Wellington Aero Club's Cessna 172N, ZK-EKE.

It works good!

What follows is a video of the flight, up to the north, around the coastline and back into Wellington. It is sped up so you don't die of boredom :-)

I can't wait to play with this on some strips in the Marlborough Sounds or Wairarapa area in the next few weeks!

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Owhiro Arrival

Here's a quick video of the Owhiro Arrival into Wellington from a week or so ago. Look [very] carefully and you may see a Singapore Airlines B777 and an Air Nelson DHC8-311 ahead of me :-)

Aircraft for the day was Wellington Aero Club's Cessna 172N, ZK-EKE.

I'm hoping that in the next week or two I'll have some video from a wing-mounted camera hatch to show!

Friday, December 07, 2018

Boeing C17-A Globemaster III at Wellington

Last Sunday was a rather different visitor - a USAF-operated Boeing C17-A Globemaster III, 07-7189! The aircraft arrived and parked up on the RNZAF Air Movements Base apron. It was appeared to be dropping off someone important with a VIP vehicle ready to whisk whoever off on their visit.

Boeing C17-A Globemaster III, 07-7189, operated by the USAF

Boeing C17-A Globemaster III, 07-7189, operated by the USAF
Contrary to rumour, Wellington Aero Club has not acquired this aircraft as its new multi-engine trainer. No idea at all how that rumour started...

NOT the new Wellington Aero Club multi-engine trainer :-)

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Bizjets at Wellington

Last Sunday was an exciting day for aircraft spotting, as you'll see in the next couple of posts! The weather was not quite so nice, but that was more than made up for by the arrival of some very interesting aircraft.

In this post, I have a couple of civilian bizjet arrivals. First up is a Dassault Falcon 50, N115MF. This is one of a very limited number of 3-engine aircraft being flown these days and a very nice one at that! This aircraft was in and out fairly quickly.

Dassault Falcon 50, N115MF

Dassault Falcon 50, N115MF
Next up is a Learjet 60, ZK-JAK, which is operated by JAK Air of a Rotorua address. It's a beautiful livery and it's good to see a less familiar, but locally operated, bizjet from time to time!

Learjet 60, ZK-JAK, operated by JAK Air

Learjet 60, ZK-JAK, operated by JAK Air

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Last Saturday's wet Singapore departure

Last Saturday was rather wet which made for some interesting arrivals and departures. Here's one of the better pictures I got.

It's a Singapore Airlines-operated Boeing 777-212/ER, 9V-SRO, departing on its flight to Melbourne, Australia.

Boeing 777-212/ER, 9V-SRO, operated by Singapore Airlines

Monday, December 03, 2018

A Fokker last Saturday

Spotted at Wellington in the sunshine last Saturday was this Fokker F27 Mk 50, VH-FKO, which is operated by Alliance Airlines of a Queensland, Australia address. This aircraft is used in New Zealand on behalf of a tour company.

This was the same aircraft that had an engine fire at Auckland Airport recently, so they have repaired it nice and quick. Nice to see an almost vintage aircraft being used in this way :-)

Fokker F27 Mk50, VH-FKO, operated by Alliance Airlines.