Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Rodney's Aviation Ramblings!

Things might be a little slow for a few days, but I'll be back to normal in the new year. I'm hoping for some exciting inflight videos in addition to the pictures!

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Maule M-9-235

This post is simply a picture of a Maule M-9-235, ZK-VRF, which is in the WAC hanger.

What a nice plane!

Maule M-9-235, ZK-VRF, operated by Capital Aviation

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Eastbourne Arrival via Mount Matthews

This is an accidental video which very nearly didn't happen!

I was flying the Aero Club's Cessna C172N, ZK-FLT. I didn't take my suction mount with me, and the aircraft had no solid place on the dashboard to mount the GoPro which would also hold the Blutack to hold the whole thing steady...

Anyway, after a trip to Paraparaumu and then to the Southern Wairarapa, I decided to see if I could just make it work. It sorta did work, although it's not great. Rather wobble and some weird artefact at around 21 seconds...

The video itself is of the return the Wellington. The flight starts be going past Mount Matthews on the Rimutaka Range, then on to the Eastbourne Arrival procedure to Wellington. Don't look too hard at the landing... it was a wee bit rubbish!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Flight to Paraparaumu and back

Today's flight was from Wellington [NZWN] to Paraparaumu [NZPP] and back, with 3 circuits at NZPP. The main reason was to get current in the Piper PA38-112 Tomahawk. It was also an excuse to try out my new GoPro Hero 5 Session camera.

The video isn't great - despite how it looks, the camera was attached firmly [using Blutack no less!] to the dashboard - next time I'll leave the camera's software image stabilisation off.

The weather was a little worse for my return, although perhaps not quite as bad as it looks here...

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Another day of Super Cubbing

Just one boring photo :-) today after a couple of fun flights in Piper PA18A-150 Super Cub, ZK-BKN, up at Whanganui today.

It turns out that Whanganui can be a busy little place with the aero club busy all day, Air Chathams arriving, local helicopters buzzing around, a DH Venom departing and three visitors to Auckland Aero Club coming and going.

Fun times with goodness knows how many circuits flown. I think I'm getting the hang of it :-)

Piper PA18A-150 Super Cub, ZK-BKN

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Eastern Australia Airlines/ Jetstar departure

Here is another picture from last Wellington Airport last Sunday. This is an Eastern Australia Airlines-operated Bombardier DHC-8-315, VH-SBI, which is operated on behalf of Jetstar Airways,

Bombardier DHC-8-315, VH-SBI, operated by Eastern Australia Airlines on behalf of Jetstar

Sunday, November 27, 2016

VIP arrival at Wellington

As I was leaving for home today, I noticed a large number of motorcycle police hanging around the Execujet hanger. On further investigation, there were other Police and crown limos waiting inside the Execujet hanger.

After a bit of a wait, this Beech 200C, ZK-PLK arrived. This aircraft is operated by Skyline Aviation of a Hawkes Bay address. This flight itself arrived from the South Island.

Beech 200C, ZK-PLK, operated by Skyline Aviation
Very shortly after arrival, the appropriate civil and military officials assembled and the passengers on the aircraft went into the wait crown limos to be whisked off. I'm not sure who the VIPs were, but clearly important enough to warrant a significant welcome...

Bombardier BD-700-1A10 business jet at Wellington

I saw this Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global Express parked up at Wellington today. VH-CCD appears to be registered to Crown Casinos in a Melbourne address.

Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global Express, VH-CCD, registered to Crown Casinos

Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global Express, VH-CCD, registered to Crown Casinos

Sunday, November 20, 2016

US Navy aircraft at Wellington

After the recent [and ongoing] earthquakes near Kaikoura, there have been a number of unusual movements at Wellington. I haven't managed to photograph them all, but here are a couple of photos.

First up is an MH-60R Sea Hawk, HSM-73, which is attached to the USS Sampson.

MH-60R Sea Hawk, HSM-73, operated by the US Navy on the USS Sampson

MH-60R Sea Hawk, HSM-73, operated by the US Navy on the USS Sampson

Next up [and I don't know if related to the earthquake recovery at all] is a US Navy-operated Gulfstream G-V/ C37B, 16-6376.

Gulfstream GV/ C37B, 16-6376, operated by the US Navy

Attempt to get to Palmerston North yesterday

Yesterday another club pilot and I attempted to fly up to Palmerston North to collect another aircraft. It was always going to be marginal, but as it turned out, too marginal to be worth while pushing on. 

Here are a few photos from the weather around Wellington. It's a wee bit unusual with all the cloud hugging the coast [there was a 20+ knot westerly at around 2000'], but worse further north as we could not even get as far at Paraparaumu safely.

Oh well, better to wait for a better day. Aircraft for this flight was a Piper PA38-112, ZK-TAW.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

RNZAF NHI NH90 at Wellington

Today's pictures are of an RNZAF-operated NATO Helicopter Industries NH90 helicopter, NZ3305. This helicopter was about to depart, presumably to Kaikoura as part of the earthquake recovery efforts.

NHI NH90, NZ3305, operated by the RNZAF

NHI NH90, NZ3305, operated by the RNZAF

Monday, November 14, 2016

Agusta AW139

Following on from my previous post about the USAF C-32A/ Boeing 757-200, at about the time the Secretary of State was departing, an Agusta AW139, ZK-HNZ, was arriving. This large helicopter is operated by HNZ New Zealand of a Nelson address.

I don't know where is came from, but the occupants were all wearing what looked like immersion suits, so maybe offshore somewhere.

Agusta AW139, ZK-HNZ, operated by HNZ New Zealand

Agusta AW139, ZK-HNZ, operated by HNZ New Zealand

Sunday, November 13, 2016

USAF Boeing 757-200/ C-32A at Wellington

Today saw to departure of US Secretary of State John Kerry aboard his USAF-operated C-32A/ Boeing 757-200, registration 98-0002. the Secreatary of State has been to Antarctica for a brief visit.

First up is the aircraft parked up on the RNZAF Air Movements Base apron at Wellington.

Boeing 757-200/ C-32A, 98-0002, operated by the USAF

Next is after the arrival of the entourage.

Boeing 757-200/ C-32A, 98-0002, operated by the USAF 

Last up is the aircraft taxying out for departure. That's one great looking aircraft!

Boeing 757-200/ C-32A, 98-0002, operated by the USAF

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Singapore Airlines arriving last Sunday

My final photo to share form last weekend is the regularly scheduled Singapore Airlines B777 arrival on Sunday afternoon.

The aircraft used this time was Singapore Airline's Boeing 777-212/ER, 9V-SQN.

The B777-200 appears to have good brakes [and I guess it was lightly loaded] as it appeared to have decelerated quickly before about half way, then stowed the thrust reversers and calmly taxied down the far end of the runway to vacate [this is mandatory for an aircraft of this size].

Boeing 777-212/ER, 9V-SQN, operated by Singapore Airlines

Monday, November 07, 2016

Dutch royal visit to New Zealand

Over the next few days, there is a Dutch royal visit to New Zealand, starting in Wellington but encompassing Christchurch then Auckland. The schedule for the visit is in here if you are interested.

The King and Queen are travelling in a Fokker F70 [F28-0070], registered as PH-KBX. This aircraft is operated by the Netherlands Government as a VIP transport. I doubt we have had many of this type of aircraft in New Zealand before, and certainly less that are operated by governments!

Fokker F28-0070/ F70, PH-KBX, operated by the Netherlands Government

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Final post from the Flying NZ Cook region competitions

Here is the final post from the regional competition sat Paraparaumu this past weekend. In hindsight, I should probably have gone to the grid in the morning to watch the landings, but never mind!

Congratulations to all who competed on the weekend, especially the winners and placegetters! From a team of six competitors, Wellington had one win and three other placegetters, so a good result overall [I think I have counted correctly]!

Well done to Flying NZ and the Kapiti Districts Aero Club for putting on a great event, and well done to everyone for a friendly, yet competitive environment and a fun day! :-)

Anyway, on to the aircraft. First up is a Wellington Aero Club aircraft, a Piper PA38-112, ZK-ESG. In addition to this, we took another PA38, a PA28 and a C172. The Nanchang CJ6 came along to visit also.

Piper PA38-112, ZK-ESG, operated by Wellington Aero Club

The next aircraft is a Piper PA18, ZK-BQX. This is very similar to the Super Cub I have started flying, except I understand it has a 90hp engine, instead of the 150hp in the Super Cub. It would be very interesting to fly this some day. This aircraft is operated by Cub Partners and I believe it is based at Paraparaumu aerodrome.

Piper PA18, ZK-BQX, operated by Cub Partners

This Vans RV6, ZK-VRV, is registered to a Porirua address, but also based at Paraparaumu aerodrome.This aircraft and pilot flew across the Tasman Sea to Australia earlier this year [click here for info]!

Vans RV6, ZK-VRV

Last up is a cool looking machine from Hawkes Bay & East Coast Aero Club, a Rans S-6ES Coyote II, ZK-KIX. This is a class 2 microlight [meaning it has two seats]. This looks like a really nice aircraft and I wouldn't mind having a fly one day... maybe I should have asked on Saturday :-) Still, there's always the chance of a trip to visit.

Rans S-6ES Coyote II, ZK-KIX, operated by Hawkes Bay & East Coast Aero Club

More from the Flying NZ regional competitions at Paraparaumu

Here are a few photos of some of the aircraft at the weekend's competition activities at Paraparaumu aerodrome.

First up is one of Kapiti Aero Club's Cessna A152, ZK-ELS. This is an aerobatic model. The C152 is the mainstay of Kapiti's flight training fleet. Int he background is the aero club's rooms.

Cessna A512, ZK-ELS, operated by Kapiti Aero Club

This next aircraft is a privately operated TL-Ultralight TL3000 Sirius. The aircraft is based in Whanganui and was flown in by a Wnaganui Aero Club competitor.

TL-Ultralight TL3000 Sirius, ZK-EBG

The following aircraft is also from Whanganui. ZK-JQY is a Maule MXT-7-180.

Maule MXT-7-180, ZK-JQY

Next we have two aircraft from Hawkes Bay, and the Hawkes Bay & East Coast Aero Club. First up is a Cessna 172N, ZK-EKG, which is operated by Skybird Aviation.

Cessna 172N, ZK-EKG, operated by Skybird Aviation

Last up for this post is a Piper PA28-181, ZK-FQQ, which is operated by Hawkes Bay & East Coast Aero Club of Hastings.

Piper PA28-181, ZK-FQQ, operated by Hawkes Bay & East Coast Aero Club

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Flying NZ Regional competitions at Paraparaumu

Today was the day for Flying NZ's Cook region, regional flying competitions. This year they were hosted by Kapiti Aero Club, just up the road at Paraparaumu airport.

Competitors came from aero clubs in Wellington, Paraparaumu, Whanganui and Hawkes Bay and the weather [perhaps surprisingly] was about perfect all day! The morning session was mainly the circuit competitions and the afternoon, mainly the liferaft and bombing competitions.

I did compete, in the bombing competition ["Rotorua Trophy"], which involves dropping some 500 gram containers from 300 feet, into a target. I'm still awaiting the results, but I was rather inaccurate [although fairly accurate flying], so I'm not expecting to win!

Anyway, in this first post, here are a few photos from the event. First up are two photos of a few of the aircraft, and third is the Kapiti Aero Club rooms.

Competing Aircraft

Competing Aircraft

Kapiti Areo Club rooms
There will be more photos in the next few days, I didn't get out to the landing grid this year, but I do have some more photos of the competing aircraft.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

RNZAF B757 at Wellington

Following on from the other photos from last weekend, here are three pictures I took of the Royal New Zealand Air Force [RNZAF] operated Boeing 757-2K2, NZ7571, departing Wellington.

Boeing 757-2K2, NZ7571, operated by the RNZAF

Boeing 757-2K2, NZ7571, operated by the RNZAF

Boeing 757-2K2, NZ7571, operated by the RNZAF
I am wondering if these will be on static display at the RNZAF's 80th Anniversary Air Pageant next year, or if we will get to see a display... a display would be really nice - I'm pretty sure the RNZAF could put on a spectacular performance in one of these if asked to :-)

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Sounds Air at Whanganui

While visiting Whanganui last Saturday, Sounds Air flew in their latest Pilatus PC12/45, ZK-PLZ in on a charter flight.

This is a great looking aircraft [inside and out!].

Pilatus PC12/45, ZK-PLZ, operated by Sounds Air

Saturday, October 29, 2016

More Super Cubbing - Crosswind takeoff and landings

Today was another Super Cubbing day at Whanganui. Chris [another Club pilot] and I flew up this morning and back this afternoon in WAC's Cessna 172, ZK-FLT. The rest of the flying though was in Piper PA18A-150 Super Cub, ZK-BKN.

For me, the flight was some crosswind takeoffs and landings, dual then solo. Fun times! What remains is the paperwork then I'm signed off. Still so much to learn though :-)

This first picture is of me flying the Super Cub in the circuit. At this point, we're mid-downwind for runway 14.

Me flying the Super Cub!

Next up is Chris about to touch down, again on runway 14.

Piper PA18A-150 Super Cub, ZK-BKN

Last up is the view as we headed south/ east back to Wellington. I could do with some help with this one... if you click on the photo for a larger one, there are some thin, dark, almost arrow shaped clouds in the foreground... what are these and how do they form? They are quite distinct from the cumulus clouds in the background.

View to the south-east

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Other aircraft at Whanganui last weekend

Here are some of the other aircraft that were at Whanganui last weekend.

First up is an Air Chathams-operated General Dynamics Allison Convair 440/580, ZK-CIF. Very nice! I got to see one of these land with a front row seat on Saturday when I was doing solo circuits in the Super Cub [a nice excuse to land and hold short of the sealed runway for a couple of minutes!].

General Dynamics Allison Convair 440/ 580, ZK-CIF, operated by Air Chathams

Next up is a Cessna 172N, ZK-ELH, operated by Challenge Aviation of a Whanganui address.

Cessna 172N, ZK-ELH, operated by Challenge Aviation

Last up is a Piper PA44-180 Seminole, ZK-NAH, which is operated by Nelson Aviation College. This aircraft appeared to be operating out of Whanganui for a few days.

Piper PA44-180 Seminole, ZK-NAH, operated by Nelson Aviation College

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Yak 3M at Whanganui

Last weekend, while at Whanganui for some Super Cub fun, there were a few other interesting aircraft around. One of them was this Yakovlev Yak-3M, ZK-VVS, which is operated by the Yak 3 Fighter Syndicate of an Auckland address.

Very very nice!

Yakovlev Yak-3M, ZK-VVS, operated by Yak 3 Fighter Syndicate

Monday, October 24, 2016

What a SUPER weekend of flying!

I think I should probably call in sick for work tomorrow*. It's a genuine reason - I've had far too much fun to be able to concentrate on work for at least another four days!

This weekend started with another trip up to Whanganui with another flight in the Piper PA18A-150 Super Cub, ZK-BKN on Saturday morning! This time it was a lot of dual circuits at Whanganui, followed by an offer [which I couldn't refuse] to let me go solo for the first time! Yay! Looks like my feet are starting to work as they are supposed to [well, close at least!].

Piper PA18A-150, ZK-BKN

That was a LOT of fun! I lost count of how many circuits I got in [probably 6 or 7 at least] before Air Chathams turned up in a Convair, which was a great excuse to land, hold short and watch their landing. Once they had landed I did a couple more circuits before calling it a day. WHAT A DAY!

Then, earlier today [Monday morning] was another dual flight to get me used to three-point landings. Again more circuits, followed by another unrefusable [is that a made up word???] offer to do the same solo. I even managed to cope with the slight crosswind that crept in during the solo circuits.

Piper PA18A-150, ZK-BKN
What an awesome weekend! I'm almost there - I just need a decent session of crosswind landings and to do the paperwork and I'll be all done. Fun times!

Speaking of crosswind landings, here are a couple of pictures of someone else having fun with a decent crosswind.

Piper PA18A-150, ZK-BKN

Piper PA18A-150, ZK-BKN

* No, I'm not a numpty. I WILL be at work tomorrow!