Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lime Green Boeing

I was sitting in the lounge at Wellington Aero Club earlier today when a lime-green Air New Zealand B737 landed. An ugly colour, but sure to attract attention. It seesm that Air New Zealand have decided to advertise their ability to organise holiday packages, and what better than on an aircraft?

This particular aircraft is ZK-FRE. ZK-FRE was one of the original Freedom Air aircraft [from when that airline was set up by Air New Zealand to crush their new-found competition in Kiwi Travel International Airlines]. This is at least the 3rd paint scheme from that time, the original being Freedom's bright yellow colour, the next Air New Zealand's white with blue tail, and now this one.

Air New Zealand B737Air New Zealand B737

Monday, October 22, 2007

An Australian Registered PA28-181 at Wellington

This picture is of an Australian registered [note the "VH" start to the registration?] Piper PA28-181. This aircraft was ferried across the Tasman recently, and is awaiting the appropriate checks so that it can be transferred to the New Zealand register. I understand that the plan is to have this put on line at Wellington Aero Club [yippee!].

Piper PA28-181

Sunday, October 21, 2007

B737 takeoff

The weather has improved considerably today [not sure that it will last too long...], and I managed to get some good shots of aircraft landing and taking off. Here are two of a B737 during takeoff.

Air New Zealand B737 takeoffAir New Zealand B737 takeoff

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Air New Zealand A320 going around

Here's a video of an Air New Zealand A320 going around from short final approach. The weather has been a bit dodgy all day, although looking at other aircraft today, it appears to have calmed a little from a couple of hours ago.