Saturday, May 31, 2008

Other Wellington aircraft

Here are some photos of other aircraft at Wellington today.

ZK-TZZ is a Partenavia P68C from Canterbury Aero Club and is a fairly regular visitor to Wellington. ZK-FLC is a Cessna C152, based at Paraparaumu.

The most interesting aircraft was ZK-MUS. ZK-MUS is a Cessna C510 Mustang registered to Acernus Aero Ltd, in Wellington. This is the same Mustang as the one I previously photographed when it was on the US register. It's a very recent addition to the NZ registered, with the paperwork only being effective from 29 May 2008. Quite an appropriate registration also :-)

Enjoy the photos!

ZK-TZZ Partenavia P68CZK-FLC Cessna C152ZK-MUS Cessna C510 Mustang

RNZAF C130 Hercules

Here are two pictures of an RNZAF C130 Hercules departing Wellington today. The second picture is grossly over-exposed, but this does highlight the vapour off the blade tips. Beautiful :-)

RNZAF C130 HerculesRNZAF C130 Hercules

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Eurocopter EC 120B

Here's a picture of a Eurocopter EC 120B, spotted at Wellington this evening. Apologies for the quality of the pictures - they were taken this evening after it started to get dark. ZK-IJK is registered to Rick Lucas Helicopters of Palmerston North.

As far as helicopters go, the EC120 is one of the better looking aircraft around.

ZK-IJK Eurocopter EC 120BZK-IJK Eurocopter EC 120B

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Qantas B737-838 at Wellington

Spotted at Wellington on Sunday afternoon was this Qantas B737-800 series aircraft with the Australian registration of VH-VXL. What attracted me to this particular aircraft was that the landing lights were flashing/alternating as it came in - quite different from most other aircraft that frequent Wellington.

Although not confirmed, I understand that this aircraft may have been filling in for Jetconnect [branded as Qantas in New Zealand] on some domestic sectors recently.

Qantas B737-800

Sunday, May 18, 2008

World Record certificate

Back on 22 March 2007 two intrepid pilots set a New Zealand speed record, flying the amazing Thunder Mustang, ZK-TMG, from Auckland to Christchurch in only 1 hour and 36 minutes, for an average speed of 465km/hr. Well done guys! Click here for the official Kiwi Thunder website.

The original newspaper report from the NZ Herald is here....

I received word today from another mate that the certificate proving this feat was presented recently. Here's some photos. Firstly Rob Burns [left] and Chris Bromley and the certificate. Second and third are pictures of the engine and the panel. Thanks to Craig Pearce for the photos.

Rob Burns and Chris Bromley and the certificateKiwi Thunder Mustang engineKiwi Thunder Mustang panel

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trip to Masterton # 2

Further the my last post, after arriving at Masterton, Nirav did a few circuits, followed by a brief stop. It did not seem particularly busy today with just a couple of aircraft around as we arrived, including a parachute jump plane in and out and a weight-shift microlight that departed.

Here are some pictures of what I did see. Top to bottom are:

DHC-1 Chipmunk outside the Old Stick and Rudder Co hanger
PAC Cresco from Wanganui Aero Work, ZK-LTV
Piper PA22 from Ace Aviation, ZK-TDA
Cessna A185F registered to Dennis Thompson International, ZK-DMX
Cessna 185A of Sky Sports NZ Ltd, ZK-CBY

DHC-1 ChipmunkPAC Cresco ZK-LTVPAC Cresco ZK-LTVPiper PA-22 ZK-TDACessna A185F ZK-DMXCessna 185A ZK-CBY

Trip to Masterton # 1

I was not expecting to go anywhere this weekend, but Nirav [another Club pilot] needed to go somewhere, so I was invited along for the ride. It was an awesome day for a fly [thanks Nirav!] as you will see from the photos.

These photos are:
Departing Wellington
Rimutaka Prison [in the Hutt Valley]
Final approach runway 06 at Masterton
Looking to the right, very short final runway 06
View south-east of Masterton after takeoff

Departing WellingtonRimutaka PrisonShort final Masterton runway 06Very short final runway 06, to the rightSouth-east of Masterton

Robinson R44

This Robinson R44 took off from Wellington today. It had just been pulled out of the Vincent hanger. ZK-IDO is registered to the Wellington Helicopter Company [sorry, no web site to hand] and only appeared on the New Zealand register in March 2008 [probably explains the nice shiny paint].

Robinson R44 ZK-IDORobinson R44 ZK-IDORobinson R44 ZK-IDO

Old Cessna 172

This old C172, ZK-EHA was spotted at Wellington today. Note the venturis [one on each side, so no vacuum pump], the straight tail and the large drooped wingtips. This particular aircraft is registered to a Hamilton address.

Cessna C172 ZK-EHACessna C172 ZK-EHA

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Beech King Air B200

This Beech King Air B200 visited Wellington today. ZK-MAN is registered to Hawker Pacific New Zealand. This particular King Air is kitted in an "executive" layout, so is not used for air ambulance work. Probably a very comfortable way to fly if you can afford it!

Beech King Air B200 ZK-MAN

Lifeflight Open Day

Lifeflight [operators of a Metroliner Air Ambulance and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter] had their annual open day today. In addition to the static display of their helicopter and air ambulance, the helicopter did a number of winch displays. The Airport fire/rescue team had a fire engine and rescue boat available also.

Lifeflight Open Day crowd/displaysHelicopter winching