This page contains links to some of the weather information I find useful or just plain interesting. Additional resources will be added over time.

1. 19 February 2016 - I have now installed the Metservice website widget, which can be seen on the right-hand bar of this and every site page. I like :-) Click on it and it goes through to the standard Metservice page.

2. Earth has a highly graphical and interactive approach to presenting weather forecasts. I'm not saying it is the most accurate, or the most extensive, but it is very interesting!

3. New Zealand's Metservice, the primary source for reliable public weather forecasts and reporting information.

4. Victoria University's MetVUW site. A mixture of the complex as well as easy-to-understand data and information.

5. This is a US-based site and does a reasonable job. Just be aware that being US-based, they use the antiquated fahrenheit by default. This can be changed at the top-right of the screen.

Please drop me a line should any of the linked resources stop working!

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