Monday, July 28, 2008

Aviation quiz # 5 - Answer

Wow - this was a bit harder than I thought, but congratulations to Nick for getting it mostly correct!

The correct answer was the P35 created by Seversky. In addition to Japan, the P35 was also operated by Sweden.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Travel time...

I have had this past week off, and so decided to get out of town for a couple of days. I thought that I'd be leaving the worst of the weather behind, instead the weather followed me [at least on Thursday!]. Oh well.

I stopped off briefly at Ohakea and Foxpine to get some photos. Ohakea was busy enough with Airtrainers, B200's, Sioux and Iroquios helicopters flying around. The best photos I got were of a couple of Iroquois as they flew past.

I also took a couple of photos at Foxpine, including one of a microlight taking off. I believe that the microlight may be a Jabiru C160, although this was not confirmed.

NZOH - Ohakea Airbase - IroquoisNZOH - Ohakea Airbase - IroquoisNZFP - Foxpine AirparkNZFP - Foxpine Airpark - aircraft taking off

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Aviation quiz # 5

Next question: What is the name of the only US aircraft operated by the Japanese Navy in World War II?

Aviation quiz # 4 - Answer

Congratulations to ZKARJ who supplied the correct answer... the Royal Aircraft Establishment in 1918.

ZKARJ also happens to have a well recommended site at

Aviation quiz # 4

Ok, I've found a new question, this one from the early years of aviation.

Question 4: The Balloon Factory (1889) was renamed HM Aircraft Factory in 1911, then the Royal Aircraft Factory in 1912. What was the next name change and in what year?

Aviation quiz # 3 - Answer

It looks this question had everyone stumped, so here's the answer:

The writer was a pilot and author called Ernest K. Gann, and he was referring to the Ford Trimotor.

Oh well, now I'm off to find a new question :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More from Wellington

Here are two more pictures. The first is a picture of one of the terminal buildings at Wellington Airport. The second is a picture of the moon :-)

Wellington International Airport terminal buildingFly me to the moon :-)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Saudi Arabian BBJ at Wellington

Thanks to the report on the MRC Aviation blog I managed to get some pictures of the Saudi Ministry of Finance BBJ today. It is parked on the RNZAF Air Movements Base apron.

Night shots are not my specialty, but here are two photos. The first is taken from the Wellington Aero Club, at the far end of the apron [the red blob is a light on an Air National BAE J32]. The second is from much closer with just a fence between us. Unfortunately, with the fence I was not able to use the tripod for that shot.

Saudi Ministry of Finance BBJSaudi Ministry of Finance BBJ

Sunday, July 13, 2008

More visitors

Here are some more pictures of aircraft visiting Wellington today. The first two are of a Gulfstream American GA-7 Cougar, ZK-CGR, which is registered to Nelson Aero Club.

The last is of a Cessna 152, ZK-FLC, registered to Rick Lucas Helicopters, of Palmerston North.

Gulfstream American GA-7 Cougar ZK-CGRGulfstream American GA-7 Cougar ZK-CGRCessna C152 ZK-FLC

Friday, July 11, 2008

Aviation quiz # 3

Well done to Charles who gave the best answer to the last question. It was indeed Thomas Etholen Selfridge on 17 September 1908. The pilot was Wilber Wright, and it was a demonstration for the Army. See Charles' comment for more detail.

OK, this one is a little more obscure.

Question 3: Who and what. Who wrote this, and what was he writing about:

Under the best of conditions, flying a xxxxxxxxxxx was a "work-out". In bad weather, the pilot sometimes wondered who was in charge of affairs.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Aviation quiz # 2

Congratulations Nick on the answer for # 1. You were right, the inventor was Henri Pitot, obviously describing a pitot tube. The correct year was 1732. Listen carefully and you'll hear us all cheering in the background :-)

I knew that would be easy, so here is [what I hope is] a harder question!

Question # 2: What is the name of the first person to die in the crash of a powered aeroplane? The date? Anything special about that flight?

Hopefully this is a bit harder! :-)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Aviation quiz # 1

Just today I've started reading an interesting book called [appropriately] WINGS [a history of aviation from kites to the space age], written by Tom D. Crouch. I'm only 70-something pages into the 630-something pages, but it's quite an interesting book.

Crouch is explaining the early history of aviation from well before the Wright Bros [he hasn't mentioned Richard Pearce yet... heh heh heh], describing how various discoveries eventually led to the advancements in aviation that we see today.

I'm finding out all sorts of interesting things along the way, hence I thought a quiz series might be in order. Leave your answers as a post comment, and see how you go. Maybe one question every few days or so for now. An easy question first up :-)

Question # 1. Who first described "an instrument designed to measure the fluid velocity at any given point in a flow", and what do we commonly call it [extra credit for the year in which this was described!]?

First correct answer receives the admiration of your peers and an honourable mention on this blog [wahoo! what a prize!]!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cessna 172 visitor to Wellington

Here's a picture of a Cessna 172H tied up at Wellington today. ZK-FCW is registered to Sky Signz Ltd of a Christchurch, New Zealand address.

ZK-FCW Cessna C172H Sky Signz Ltd, Christchurch

A "new" PA28-181 for Wellington Aero Club

I took my first look at ZK-FHQ, Wellington Aero Club's "new" PA28-181 Archer today. Club members will know that this aircraft has been around the Club for many years, but it's just out of the paint shop with a fresh coat of shiny new paint. It looks stunning! The aircraft just has a couple of minor maintenance items to attend to then we can use it again.

I didn't mind the old paint scheme too much, but I have to say, this is a vast improvement. I'm sure that it will be well received by members who will be very keen to fly it.

Anyway, here's a photo of our "new" looking aircraft. Now we are all waiting for ZK-EIF, the PA28-201R to return to the Club. It'll have new paint, engine, propellor and goodness knows what else. That will be a sight to see!

ZK-FHQ, Piper PA28-181 Archer at Wellington Aero Club

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another fine day in Wellington...

... yeah, hard to believe, perhaps, but it was a very nice day.

Here are some pictures. Firstly a couple of approaches by Air NZ and Pacific Blue B737's, then a Beech 77 Skipper lined up and ready to depart. The final picture shows just how good the visibility was. The snow covered hills in the background are on the South Island [an estimated 40-50 nautical miles away].

Air New Zealand B737Air New Zealand B737Pacific Blue B737Beech 77 SkipperThe View - The South Island of New Zealand