Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Aviation quiz # 5

Next question: What is the name of the only US aircraft operated by the Japanese Navy in World War II?


Charles said...

This is just a WAG

But would it be the Lockheed Electra ( as the Tachikawa ) ? I also am pretty sure they operated the DC-2 ( Nakajima AT-2 / Ki-34 )

Charles said...

Not to monopolize your blog but didn't they operate the DC-3 also (Showa L2D )

Rodney said...

Hi Charles,

Good guesses, but the Nakajima AT-2/Ki-34 was a smaller development of the DC2.

I'm still looking for some references to the other aircraft, but I suspect that they are in a similar boat.

What I am looking for is an American designed and built aircraft that was legitmately exported to Japan.

Nicks Aviation : Note from Stratford Taranaki said...

That would be as follows.

North American AT-6/SNJ Texan or as we know it the Harvard.

Japan acquired a license to build the BC-1 in 1939.The Japanese Navy procured 176 for use as intermediate trainers designated Kyushu K10W1. The Allied code name was "Oak".

Been busy just saw this now.

Rodney said...

Hi Nick,

Yes, and no. I'm thinking that my question could have been worded better, but here's the key thing:

Built in the USA, exported to Japan :-)

BTW - sorry I didn't get up to see you. Weather, aircraft and pilot were not up to it :-(

Nicks Aviation : Note from Stratford Taranaki said...

They were built and shipped althhough i beleive the last lot were assembled in Japan.

No Worries weathers been a tad undesirable of late although some of the guys got up today for a quick roar round before it all went belly up. check the Blog for details.

Cheers Nick

Rodney said...

Ok, here's another hint...

It's a fighter, and it was obsolete by the start of the war. Pxx :-)

Nicks Aviation : Note from Stratford Taranaki said...

P-36 Peashooter

Rodney said...

Hi Nick,

Almost right, but I'll give it to ya!

The "Peashooter" was actually the P26, and the aircraft in question was the P35. The P35 was also operated by Sweden.



Nicks Aviation : Note from Stratford Taranaki said...

I actually said the P-35 first which i posted before the P-36 but not there oh well it was a P something was sure of it.