Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Aviation quiz # 1

Just today I've started reading an interesting book called [appropriately] WINGS [a history of aviation from kites to the space age], written by Tom D. Crouch. I'm only 70-something pages into the 630-something pages, but it's quite an interesting book.

Crouch is explaining the early history of aviation from well before the Wright Bros [he hasn't mentioned Richard Pearce yet... heh heh heh], describing how various discoveries eventually led to the advancements in aviation that we see today.

I'm finding out all sorts of interesting things along the way, hence I thought a quiz series might be in order. Leave your answers as a post comment, and see how you go. Maybe one question every few days or so for now. An easy question first up :-)

Question # 1. Who first described "an instrument designed to measure the fluid velocity at any given point in a flow", and what do we commonly call it [extra credit for the year in which this was described!]?

First correct answer receives the admiration of your peers and an honourable mention on this blog [wahoo! what a prize!]!


Nicks Aviation : Note from Stratford Taranaki said...

Henri Pitot,(1695-1771)

Pitot Tube 1724'

Ya coming up still weathers spetacular.

Rodney said...

Darn. I knew it was easy, but that was obviously way to easy, except for one point. The year was 1732.

Well done Nick!

I may still pop up for a couple of hours - no firm plans yet :-)

Nicks Aviation : Note from Stratford Taranaki said...

Yeah no sweat you have me numbers if Thur like Wed will be at the Aerodrome either mobile will do.

Some nifty planes to look at.