Friday, July 25, 2008

Travel time...

I have had this past week off, and so decided to get out of town for a couple of days. I thought that I'd be leaving the worst of the weather behind, instead the weather followed me [at least on Thursday!]. Oh well.

I stopped off briefly at Ohakea and Foxpine to get some photos. Ohakea was busy enough with Airtrainers, B200's, Sioux and Iroquios helicopters flying around. The best photos I got were of a couple of Iroquois as they flew past.

I also took a couple of photos at Foxpine, including one of a microlight taking off. I believe that the microlight may be a Jabiru C160, although this was not confirmed.

NZOH - Ohakea Airbase - IroquoisNZOH - Ohakea Airbase - IroquoisNZFP - Foxpine AirparkNZFP - Foxpine Airpark - aircraft taking off

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