Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More from Wellington

Here are two more pictures. The first is a picture of one of the terminal buildings at Wellington Airport. The second is a picture of the moon :-)

Wellington International Airport terminal buildingFly me to the moon :-)


zkarj said...

Is that a scary modification to the Q300, or just a trick of the light?

Rodney said...

I'm guessing that you're referring to the shaft of light under the nose of the Q300?

If so, I believe that George Lucas has been consulting to Bombardier :-) Maybe not.

It's a 1 second exposure, so probably just a vehicle going past.

May the force be with you :-)

Nicks Aviation : Note from Stratford Taranaki said...

Another exciting day in the Big city eh. Foggy here the most part took a pic but can't see nothing......