Sunday, November 27, 2016

VIP arrival at Wellington

As I was leaving for home today, I noticed a large number of motorcycle police hanging around the Execujet hanger. On further investigation, there were other Police and crown limos waiting inside the Execujet hanger.

After a bit of a wait, this Beech 200C, ZK-PLK arrived. This aircraft is operated by Skyline Aviation of a Hawkes Bay address. This flight itself arrived from the South Island.

Beech 200C, ZK-PLK, operated by Skyline Aviation
Very shortly after arrival, the appropriate civil and military officials assembled and the passengers on the aircraft went into the wait crown limos to be whisked off. I'm not sure who the VIPs were, but clearly important enough to warrant a significant welcome...

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minicooper said...

king and Queen pf Jordans entourage!