Saturday, January 21, 2006

First flight at Wellington Aero Club

Had my first flight from WN earlier today in the Piper Tomahawk [PA38-112].

The "Traumahawk" [as it is affectionately know] is a 2 place, side-by-side trainer aircraft. I last flew this type around 5 years ago. It's quite a nice looking aircraft, but there are a couple of "issues" [in my arrogant opinion] with it.

Firstly, it feels a bit "mushy" [that's a "technical" phrase :-) ]. That is great if you are training people with a view to flying larger planes [which is exactly what the PA38 was designed for], but not as much fun in turbulence as it is not as responsive.

Secondly, it's gutless. That's a criticism that could be leveled at a lot of light aircraft though, such is life.

Everything went well, although [surprise, surprise] it was a bit bumpy most of the time, but I seemed to handle it OK. It doesn't glide very well though [not like a C172 anyway]! Next weekend is a session of circuits, then I should be off by myself.

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