Sunday, February 26, 2006

Life's a beach

Wellingtonian's are proud of their city. That's not surprising as it really is a nice city. Most things are within easy reach and the people are friendly enough. Wellington has everything that a big city should have. They are also proud of their beaches.

I was not convinced of that one, so I went hunting around, and found a typical example of a Wellington beach [below]. As you can see, surf's up, and the sun is shining. What could be better than going to the beach, setting up a picnic by the seaside, and enjoying the atmosphere? Well, sand would be nice...

One of Wellington's finest beaches!

Also, snapped this picture of an Air New Zealand B737 about to land at WN on rwy 34. Unfortunately there are not so many good locations for photos at this end of the runway, but such is life.

Air New Zealand B737 about to land at WN, rwy 34


Gavin said...

Yeah a bit of sand would be nice heh heh.

Seems like you've found a reasonable location for 34 anyway, nice shot!

Rodney said...

Yeah, the location is OK. If it were a little more elevated, then I could get decent shots of everything lining up.

Martin Scharnke said...

Punching for effect? Try Scorching Bay, Worser Bay, Oriental Bay - plenty of lovely sand there.

I am, as you indicated, a very proud Wellingtonian, even if not living there at the moment!

Rodney said...

ha ha ha.. everyone says there are some nice beaches around here. I must admit, I have not yet seen one that does not have imported sand, but such is life!

Don't worry mate - I'm not anti Wellington or anything - It's a really nice place (as I said in the Blog)... but tell you what - I'll find some pictures of things that I like in Wellington (and I promise no pictures of myself!!!!) :-)