Saturday, February 18, 2006

More plane spotting...

I've found a really good viewing area to take photos of aircraft at Wellington. Best of all, it's less then 5 minutes walk from home, so it is very easy to get to!

As you can see, with the exception of a few power poles and stuff, there are almost unobstructed views of the airport. Looks like this will be a near-perfect spot for when aircraft are using on rwy 16. One day I'll see if it's any good for when rwy 34 is in use.

Here's a few of the photos. Obviously, they're all reduced size, but if anyone wants a copy of the originals, just get hold of me [I'm usually happy to oblige]. I won't get too upset if you want to use them for [almost] anything, just ask first [!], and attribute them to me.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Wellington Airport from threshold rwy 16 towards the south
Eagle Airways Beech 1900d
Air New Zealand B737-3xxOrigin Pacific Jetstream 41
Air New Zealand B737-3xx landing at NZWN


Martin Scharnke said...

Nice blog, Rodney.

Good to see that you've finally come around to the proper way of thinking - that Wellington is a far better place to live than Auckland. Not that you actually blogged it, just put in in the email.

Keep the great pics coming.

Rodney said...

OK then! It's now in the Blog:

Wellington is a much nicer place to live the Auckland (except for the beaches and the weather!)!