Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wellington Aero Club

Just got back from some circuits at Wellington. This time I went up and got checked out by the Chief Flying Instructor [CFI] in a Piper Arrow III before doing some solo circuits... I'm current on type again. Yippie! The Arrow is a really nice one to fly, what's more, everything in it seems to work [unlike another Arrow I have flown...].

Anyway, you're not here just to read my [irrelevant] ramblings, so here's some pictures. In order, they are a view of the Wellington International Airport terminal [domestic and international, from across the runway at the aero club], the PA38-112 [Piper Tomahawk] and PA28-201R [Piper Arrow III].

As always, if you want the original hires, just ask :-)

WN Terminal from the aero club loungePiper Tomahawk PA38-112Piper Arrow III PA28-201R


Gavin said...

Nice pics, what's the Arrow III like?

Rodney said...

It flys very nicely thanks. Everything works in it also - no "u/s" placards at all :-)

Like all Arrows [and to an extent the PA28 archers] it feels quite nose heavy and the gear adds a huge amount of drag, but it flys very well.

This one has lots of toys in it, as well as 6 hour endurance with full tanks [and less than 4 people].