Sunday, March 05, 2006

Crazy Aviation

Check out this Crazy Aviation link [also on the right of this page] - loads of awesome pictures and many Mb's of movies! The best content are the movies, such as the boy-racer B747's and the guy who DELIBERATELY set his parachute alight [yep, flames]!


Gavin said...

Thanks for the link! I really liked the Harvard team washing their wheels lol!

Gavin said...

Oh and that burning parachute guy is a nutter!!

simon said...

The movie with the caption "DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOVIE! .... if hairy crosswind landings freak you out!" on the archive page has some hairy Wellington Airport landings.

Rodney said...

Hi guys,

Yeah, I thought you would like that site...all a load of fun. It's amazing how ingenious us humans are when it comes to crashing planes or at least smashing them onto the runway :-)

Anyone want to come flying? ha ha ha!