Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Formation Fun at Auckland

Three Grummans [ZKFVS, ZKFPA, ZKFVA] near Ardmore airfieldHere's a picture from a formation sortie while I was based at Ardmore airfield near Auckland. The picture was taken near Ardmore on the way out to the Hauraki Gulf for a practice.

Typical sortie was around 1 hour including the trip out and in, plus a run through of the display sequence.


Gavin said...

Nice! Formation is so fun!

Rodney said...

Yeah, it sure is - one of things I am missing right now. Such is life!

Will see what happens - Maybe see if I can do some up here some time... might have to pop up to Auckland for a few days some time to get up to speed again (later this year?).