Saturday, April 29, 2006

Another good place for pictures!

I found yet another good place to take pictures of the airport and aircraft today. This should have been obvious to me, but such is life. It's on the "beach" on approach to runway 16. Here's a couple of pictures [including one of the beach at Evans Bay. Look carefully and you can see an old tractor tire!]

Air New Zealand B737 short final runway 16 at WellingtonEagle Air Beech 1900D short final runway 16 at WellingtonThebeach at Evans Bay!


Gavin said...

Some beach lol! Looks like a great location for getting good shots, Like that Beech 1900.

Rodney said...

Thanks! One day I'll get a few from right under the flight path.

Yeah the Beech 1900D is a good shot. I like the B737 shot also, as it shows just how close it is to touchdown.

Ahh well :-)

Surelia Dev said...

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