Sunday, April 02, 2006


Wellington Aero Club's biennial Open Day was held today [Sunday 2 April] and it was absolutely awesome! Despite around 10 aircraft [from Tiger Moth to Nanchang, Harvards and others] missing the day due to the weather outside of Wellington, it was still a fantastic day.

All of the Club's fleet [except the Piper Arrow III] were there, along with a Beech Kingair and CT4/E from the RNZAF, several aircraft from Vincent Aviation, a Squirrel from Helipro, Childflight's Metroliner. Wellington Airport's Airport Rescue teams were there. The star of the show had to be the Air New Zealand B737 that was towed in for an hour or so between sectors! Stunning!

Needless to say, I have a lot of pictures. These will be put up in batches over the next few days as I reduce them for the web, starting in this post with the Air Force's Kingair [top 5 pictures] and CT4/E [final 3 pictures].

If anyone wants the hires, just leave me a comment or send an email [if you have it]. Always happy to share.

RNZAF Kingair B200RNZAF Kingair B200RNZAF Kingair B200RNZAF Kingair B200RNZAF Kingair B200 cockpit RNZAF CT4/E trainer RNZAF CT4/E trainer RNZAF CT4/E trainer


Poll said...

Hello !

I like very much your blog !


Gavin said...

Great pics!

Shame about the weather up here but it can't be helped.

Rodney said...

Gavin mate,

Surprisingly the weather was fantastic in Wellington for the event itself - not too hot, not too cold, not very windy, just perfect. Started raining around 5:30pm [event was finished by 4pm].

In other words - fantastic!