Monday, April 10, 2006

Lifeflight and Qantas

Here's another 3 pictures. The first is another shot of the Lifeflight Metroliner on Wellington's Western Apron. The second is a cool mural on the wall of the Lifeflight hanger. Both of these photos were taken from the "viewing area" nearby.

The last is a reasonable picture of a Qantas B737 landing on runway 34 at Wellington.


Lifeflight MetrolinerLifeflight hanger wall muralQantas B737 landing at Wellington runway 34


Gavin said...

Nice, great shot of that 737!

Rodney said...

Thanks mate! Enjoy Warbirds Over Wanaka later this week!

[For the uninitiated, Warbirds Over Wanaka is the BEST airshow this side of the USA!]