Sunday, April 23, 2006

New camera, not a better photographer!

I purchased a new digital camera yesterday and have been testing it out. This one of an Olympus SP-500UZ. It's main claims to fame are 6 megapixels and 10 x optical zoom. Here's a few sample photos I've taken. Most of these were taken from my home (big optical zoom really helps).

Just keep in mind that if you click on the images you get a bigger sample. These bigger samples are still only 29% of the original size!!! Anyway, here they are, in order:

Qantas B737 after landing
Air New Zealand B737 lifting off, then after take off
Air Nelson ATR72 during gear retraction
Wellington Control Tower (note top left you can just make out the SSR head)

Qantas B737 after landingAir New Zealand B737 lifting offAir New Zealand B737 after takeoffAir Nelson ATR72 during gear retraction Wellington International Airport Control Tower


Gavin said...

I dunno, some of those are pretty good, esp. the ANZ 737 lifting off.

Rodney said...

Never said that I was worse... :-)