Saturday, April 08, 2006

Wellington Airport

Here's something mildly interesting [if you don't live in Wellington, that is]. The control tower for Wellington International Airport is located OFF the airfield...

The airport company is also building a RESA [Runway End Safety Area] at the southern end of the runway [approaching threshold of runway 34]. RESA's are designed to allow for undershoots and overruns, but they do not extend the operational length of the runway itself. In other words, they only get used during a stuff up or other incident. In this photo, you can see that they are building a tunnel for all the road traffic.

Lastly, here's a picture from the Western Apron looking along taxiway W2. The building mid-left of the photo is the airport Fire/Rescue base.

Wellington International Airport Control TowerWellington International Airport RESA, on approach to Runway 34Wellington International Airport Western Apron, across taxiway W2 to Fire/Rescue station


Gavin said...

Not the sort of thing you see driving down a normal suburban street..

How very interesting!

Rodney said...

Yeah. Also think that I might have spotted a new place to take some shots from further down that road. Cool!