Saturday, May 20, 2006

Trip to Nelson

I went on a trip from Wellington to Nelson today. Mainly, this was an excuse to get out of town, but also to test my navigation skills. All went well, and as you'll see from one of the pictures, it was very sunny in Nelson [as it was in Wellington]. Nelson is barely a 1 hour flight [each way] so it is perfect for a day out - it also gets the close to the most sunshine of any place in New Zealand.

Unfortunately the aerial shots are not much good as they were taken through cruddy perspex windows, but such is life - they still show some of the beauty of the Marlborough Sounds area [one of the best parts of the country].

The first shot is of EQS [my transport for the day] outside Nelson Aero Club. The second is looking north with Pelorus Sound in the foreground up to Beatrix Bay in the center-right. The third is half way across Cooks Strait looking towards Cape Terawhiti then to Wellington. Both of the aerial shots were taken at around 5000'.

EQS at Nelson airportMarlborough SoundsLooking towards Wellington

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Gavin said...

Nice shots! Nelson was spectacular when the Ninety Mile Beach trip ended up there, not a cloud in the sky.