Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ohakea Open Day # 11: Ex-Military Piston/Rotary

Further to my last post, there were also a good range of other ex-military aircraft on display. Being more plentiful than the jets, they always take up a sizable portion of the display time, and never seem to disappoint. Unfortunately, I was somewhat distracted with some of the other [ground] activities and so did not manage to get as many display pictures as I would have liked to. The DC3 was also doing scenic rides on the day.
Top to bottom are:
DH82a Tiger Moth
'Yakrobat' formation display team
Trojan [x2]
DC3 Dakota [x2]
DH82a Tiger MothYak52'Yakrobat' formation display teamHarvardP40CorsairTroganTroganDC3 DakotaDC3 Dakota

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