Monday, March 17, 2008

Ohakea Open Day # 6: In transit

Nick [my passenger and navigator for the day] has sent me a bunch of photos of our trip. I wanted to share a couple of them. The first is our departure from Wellington. You can just make out the northern edge of Wellington harbour - hard to believe that we had OK visibility and ceiling during our Sinclair Departure procedure. The second is on the way home. The weather was clear until just south of Paraparaumu [in both directions]. Wellington was a lot clearer when we came home, so much so that we could perform an Eastbourne Arrival [from the north].

Nick did send a few other in-flight pictures, but I'm not going to scare you with the look on my face just after I whacked my head of the roof...!


Airborne off runway 16 at Wellington
Photo credit: Nick Furmage

Going home
Photo credit: Nick Furmage

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