Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ohakea Open Day # 7: Static Displays

An airshow would not be complete without a number of static displays, and this open day was no exception. Unfortunately I was not as interested in the static displays, and so few pictures. These static [or trade] displays showcased the diverse roles performed by members of the RNZAF on a daily basis. There were also the obligatory recruiting stands from the RNZAF, Navy and New Zealand Cadet Force.

One of the more interesting displays [for me] was the avionic flight workshop. This showcased a wide range of activities that these people get up to, from instrument repair trough to night vision systems. The basic flight sim on offer was being well utilised by the kids.

Other items in the static display included several of the aircraft that also participated in the flying programme - more on those in other posts. There were also some dedicated display aircraft.

First of these are the McDonnell Douglas A4K Skyhawk, BAC 167 Strikemaster and the Aermacchi MB339CB. The Skyhawk used to be New Zealand's fighter jet until the Labour Government of 2001 decided to abandon our strike capability [they are now wrapped in latex at Woodbourne aerodrome]. The Aermacchi was the lead-in jet trainer which fell to the same fate [although look here, as some of these are still flying from Ohakea today]. The Strikemaster was New Zealand's lead-in jet trainer until replaced by the Aermacchi.

The last picture is of an immaculate Singaporian C130 Hercules. When I say immaculate, I mean immaculate. Although I didn't get to see inside [the line was about 1 hour long...!] this C130 was polished top to bottom. Quite a different finish from the RNZAF Hercs and their matt grey finish.

RNZAF MD A4K SkyhawkRNZAF BAC 167 StrikemasterRNZAF Aermacchi MB339CBRNZAF Aermacchi MB339CB with right wing detachedSingapore C130 HerculesSingapore C130 Hercules

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