Sunday, May 18, 2008

World Record certificate

Back on 22 March 2007 two intrepid pilots set a New Zealand speed record, flying the amazing Thunder Mustang, ZK-TMG, from Auckland to Christchurch in only 1 hour and 36 minutes, for an average speed of 465km/hr. Well done guys! Click here for the official Kiwi Thunder website.

The original newspaper report from the NZ Herald is here....

I received word today from another mate that the certificate proving this feat was presented recently. Here's some photos. Firstly Rob Burns [left] and Chris Bromley and the certificate. Second and third are pictures of the engine and the panel. Thanks to Craig Pearce for the photos.

Rob Burns and Chris Bromley and the certificateKiwi Thunder Mustang engineKiwi Thunder Mustang panel

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Euan Kilgour said...

That is one plane I never tire of seeing or hearing. Love that V12 growl.