Sunday, December 28, 2008

Armee de L'Air CASA CN-235

I popped out to the aero club again earlier today, and spotted an Armee de L'Air CASA CN-235. I went to take some photos, only to see the battery warning light come on on the camera display. Stink!

I did manage to get a shot of the aircraft taxiing, but the screen went blank just as I was pushing the shutter for the takeoff picture... you'll just have to use your imagination :-)

Anyway, here's one I did get. Taking a look at the paint, It looks particularly rough, especially compared to some other pictures of this type I have.

Armee de L'Air Casa CN235


Chris Nielsen said...

{insert scene from Monty Python here} Ha! We film users scoff at you silly digital types with your silly battery thingies

Sorry, couldn't help myself. Hope you don't get offended or anything :-)

Rodney said...

{Monty Python can take a running leap} Ha! We digital types gloat in the lower operating costs of our medium and the speed at which we can bask in the shining light of our images.

I couldn't help myself either! :-) ha ha ha