Friday, December 05, 2008

Half a day means the pilot can play!

OK, so with titles like that, I'm never going to be a poet...!

I had a half day at work today, so I took the opportunity to pop down to the aero club during the day. I'm not usually at the club on weekdays, so it's good to see how different things are. At times the airport seemed much busier than on weekends.

I spotted a couple of interesting aircraft. The first is a Cessna 421 Golden Eagle. ZK-TRC is registered to Air Manawatu and is often used for aero-medical missions.

Second aircraft is an Air New Zealand Airbus A320, ZK-OJA is painted in the Star Alliance promotional scheme. Interestingly, this aircraft had performed a low-level go around a short time earlier - it's a shame I didn't get any pictures, but it sure looked good!

Last pictures are a Gulfstream GIV-X parked on the western apron. N851GG is registered to a California, USA address. It appears to have been registered on 18 July 2008, so it's quite a new aircraft.

Air Manawatu, Cessna 421 Golden Eagle, ZK-TRCAir New Zealand, Airbus A320, ZK-OJAGulfstream GIV-X, N851GGGulfstream GIV-X, N851GGGulfstream GIV-X, N851GG


nzompilot said...

Nice pics of the Gulfstream, wish it'd pop over here for some wine tasting. ;) And I think you'll find the A320 is actually OJH not OJA.

Rodney said...

Well, if I see the passengers, I'll suggest that they do just that :-)

You're right about the A320 rego - very hard to read even on the full-size image due to the shape of the fuselage. Thnks for the update!

Mike Condon said...

Sheryl Crow and John Cougar Mellencamp had charted the G450, snazzy beasty. It flew on to Christchurch then to Nadi and Hawaii.

A couple of the Gulfstream 5 variants due into Wellington this weekend, a 5 and 550. Enjoy!

Rodney said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the update, and for info on the G5s - I'll keep a look out!