Saturday, February 21, 2009

Piper PA-31 from Air2There

Here are some photos of an Piper PA-31, ZK-WHW, at Wellington.

What may be interesting is the installation of winglets. I don't recall seeing of PA-31's with winglets before. They sure look good though!

Piper PA-31, ZK-WHW, Air2There.comPiper PA-31, ZK-WHW, Air2There.comPiper PA-31, ZK-WHW,


Kelvin said...

Pimping his ride?

Charles said...

The "Panther" Navajo ( ) has become a pretty common sight around the S.E. U.S. In fact there are several small airlines using them in service including Wings Air very near me around Atlanta, Georgia. I think it looks great.

nzompilot said...

There is at least 1 more in NZ. ZK-LTD of Avia Air Charter in Hamilton. I've got pics of it here at WB, the winglets are labeled with the Panther label as mentioned in the previous comment