Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SEEK and you will find.

Here are photos of two mid-week lighties visiting Wellington. The first is a Cessna R182. ZK-ETX is registered to Professional Colour Laboratories Ltd - no idea where in the country though.

The second is a little more exotic. G-SEEK is a Cessna T210N registered to a Shelford, Cambridge, UK address. I seem to recall that it is tripping around the world, although it seems to have been in New Zealand for a while now. If anyone has more details, please leave a comment :-)

Thank you to Chris for these photos!

Cessna R182, ZK_ETXCessna T210N, G-SEEK


John Macilree said...
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John Macilree said...

For G-SEEK have a look at and You might also find interesting.

Rodney said...

Thanks for the info John.

andrewm said...

Professional Colour Laboratories:

seems to be an Auckland company, perhaps flying out of Ardmore:

Looks like they've owned a Cessna 172 previously

Rodney said...

Thanks for the info Andrew