Friday, February 06, 2009

Waitangi Weekend #3: Nanchang CJ6

A special visitor to was Nanchang CJ6 , ZK-CVI. There is some thought being given to setting up a syndicate to bring this particular aircraft to Wellington, and so this weekend has been an opportunity for those interested people to take a look and perhaps have a fly.

While not looking to get in to the syndicate, I did have a good poke around the aircraft and it looks really nice. The cockpit is so roomy, and if I get a chance, I might seriously look at a rating. It's big, roomy and a wee bit different :-)

Many of the instruments are the original Chinese gear, just with some westernised equipment such as an imperial [rather than metric] altimeter in the front cockpit.

Nanchang CV6, ZK-CVINanchang CV6, ZK-CVINanchang CV6, ZK-CVINanchang CV6, ZK-CVI


zkarj said...

What are the identities of the Beech 1900D, Squirrel, BK117, Citation Mustang and 2 Jetstreams?

Just kidding! My son just pointed out how many planes are in the third photo. :-)

Rodney said...

Your son has good eyes... it took a couple of moments to find the 1900! :-)