Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Auckland Visit #1: Qantas, International Apron and Jean Batten

As I mentioned in my last post, I had another trip to Auckland planned for this weekend, and so earlier today, I had about 5 hours sitting around Auckland International airport.
This time I flew up on Qantas [actually, Jetconnect here in New Zealand] instead of Air New Zealand. Nothing in it really, the in-flight service was equally basic [although Qantas had fresh fruit as an option - I liked my apple!], but hey, it's only a 45 minute flight so who cares if they give us nothing?? The Qantas seats felt very slightly more comfortable, but again, not much in it.
Once in Auckland, there was a visit to the international terminal, then back to the domestic terminal and a car park for photos. Anyway, on to a few of those photos. These first is a picture of Jean Batten's Percival Proctor, which hangs in the airside shopping area of the international terminal [I shot this through glass from the "land side"].
The second photo of a shot of the international apron from the Qantas departure lounge. In the back there you'll notice what looks like a United Airlines tail - can someone confirm this for me?
The next few posts will cover off some of the other aircraft and airlines, including a certain large Airbus aircraft... :-)


zkarj said...

If you follow the MRC Aviation blog (it's in your links) you'll know it's operating Air Pacific flights. :-)

Rodney said...

Yeah, I know... but I got confused. I saw the Air Pacific B737 arrive at Auckland last weekend [] and I thought that maybe things had changed. :-)

Thanks for the info!