Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Auckland Visit #5: OK, here we go... that large Airbus!

Here is the final set of photos from my latest Auckland trip. This time I have photos of three Emirates aircraft. First is are two different Airbus A340s; the remaining an Airbus A380! Awesome!

There were a couple of things that struck me about this big beast... obviously, the first is the size of the aircraft. It is HUGE! The first two pictures are of the A340, which apart from anything else, provide a very useful size comparison. In particular, the second [A340] and third [A380] were taken with the same settings, including focal length. The photos were also taken at about the same point along the runway.

Secondly, take a look at the wings. The shape of those wings seems extremely complex. I do realise that in flight they will "straighten out" a bit, but if you compare the shape to that of the other Airbus models I photographed today, the different is quite obvious. The tail is also huge!

The A340 registrations are A6-ERA and A6-ERN. The A380 registration is A6-EDB [I think I read these off the aircraft correctly...]. Enjoy the photos [almost] as much as I enjoyed taking them!


Martin Scharnke said...

I know what you mean about huge with respect to the 380. I saw the Singapore 380 coming into Melbourne quite a few times last year - it looks in proportion like a smaller jet from a distance, but seems to fly much too slow. Then the penny drops - it is a mammoth aircraft.

Rodney said...

Yeah, a fabulous plane... now if they can just stop the fuel leaks [that Qantas had] and other little problems it will be even better :-).

Just wait until they are stuffing 850 people on board instead of the [around] 550 they usually put on right now... not quite so glamerous then, eh?

Ray said...

i had been lucky enough to ride that emirates airbus was very cannot make out the space from outside