Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Auckland trip #5: Boeing 747s

For some reason, I have never previously been in the right place at the right time to get decent photos of B747's before. This trip was a little different, with two Air New Zealand and one Qantas B747 arriving fairly close to each other. While the day was not best for taking photos, here are three photos of those that I did get.

The first Air New Zealand aircraft is registered B747-419 ZK-NBV. The Qantas aircraft is a B747-438 and is registered VH-OJA and the final Air New Zealand B747-475 is registered ZK-SUH.

I've always been impressed by the B747. It is impressive, not only for its size, but also it's shape. On one hand, the "bubble" does not look right, yet perhaps, this makes it the most instantly recognisable airliner in the world. Awesome!

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