Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Interested in flying?

Come along and see what we offer and take a closer look at aircraft spanning more than 60 years. Find out how easy it is to actually fly a plane. Sit in the pilots seat and talk with aero club members who will explain how the planes fly.

Displays include: Air New Zealand Boeing 737, plus Jetstream, Corsair, Dash 8, Arrow, Archer, Saratoga and many more! Trial flights and Helicopter joy rides available.

Saturday 4 April
10am - 4pm

Admission: Gold Coin Donation

Wellington Aero Club
Wellington International Airport
246 Coutts Street
(opposite side of the airport from the main terminal)

Tel: 04 3888 444


Euan Kilgour said...

Your Open Day is on the same day as ours!

Rodney said...

Hiya Euan!

ha ha ha... what do ya know! I guess you won't be coming down to visit us then :-)

Can I assume that there'll be photos on your blog soon afterwards?

Cheers mate!


Euan Kilgour said...

Yes I'll do a write up. Hopefully I won't be too busy to snap some photos as well.

Here's hoping the weather treats us to a good day.

Euan Kilgour said...

Just realised I had it totally wrong. Our's is a week earlier. Might have to check the bank balance and see if they'd let me bring WIT down to visit...

Rodney said...
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Rodney said...

... and there's a spare bed for you if you need to stay overnight ... (call meif you are briging more than one person though)

Euan Kilgour said...

Sadly I can't make it down. Again, best of luck and I hope your Open Day is as successful as ours was.

Rodney said...

Ahhh well, fair enough! :-) Hope the Waikato open day went well!