Saturday, June 06, 2009

Windmills at Wellington

I went for a flight today as a passenger in the back of a Piper PA28-181 Archer. Josie [PIC] was heading out to do some "windmill spotting" on the western side of the Wellington Control Zone and I was invited to go along for the ride. For those that do not know, Meridian Energy is putting up a bunch of windmills across the western hills of Wellington. Apart from generating electricity, I imagine that they are going to make for a wonderful landmark, especially for us VFR flyers in the near future.

Wellington is well known for its wind, although as you'll see in some of these photos, it has been a very still day today - just perfect for windmill spotting!

The first photo is of Josie and Pete, then several of windmills themselves, followed by some pictures of the trip back into Wellington from the north, then across the harbour to Wellington's CBD. The final photo looks across the northern end of Mount Victoria to the CBD. At the extreme right/middle, you can see a round building. That is the "Beehive" and along with the old building to the right of it, form part of the Parliament precinct.


Martin Scharnke said...

Nice pics of the sunny harbour capital :-). Only thing is, how do still pics show us lack of wind? We can't tell whether or not the turbines are turning!

Rodney said...

Hiya Martin,

"You can't beat Wellington on a nice day!"... Shame we only get a few nice days in a year... :-)

Take a look at the water - especially in the last two pictures - it's flat and almost completly smooth = very light breeze.