Sunday, October 03, 2010

Cross country scenic flight...

Today was the day for a big flight that I had been planning for all of... a few days :-). I was fortunate to have a cousin, Jayne, and her friend Mel along for the ride. The flight was from Wellington, across Cooks Strait, through the Wairau Valley, to Lake Station/ Nelson Lakes then to Nelson and back to Wellington. This includes some of the best scenery that the country has to offer, and I had not been through much of it before.

I had never been to Lake Station before, but eventually found it hiding among all of the awesome countryside :-) I ended up taking one of the glider pilots [student??] up for a big circuit since he had never flown in a powered aircraft before... managed the worst landing in a long time... probably put him off :-) ha haha

Unfortunately, I only have a couple of photo of Nelson airport, but Jayne has promised a few photos of the enroute scenery in a few days. As you'll see in the first photo, I was flying the Club's Cessna 172N, ZK-FLT [Jayne is the one getting all excited!]. The other photo is from the pumps back to the Nelson airport terminal.

All in all, 3.2 hours of flying and a lot of fun! More photos to come, but enjoy these for now!


ZK-JPY said...

Nice... Lake Station is indeed some awesome countryside, was there back in May on a day very similar to the one you had there by the looks of it :)

Rodney said...

Yeah, it sure is a fine place! Can't wait to get some of the photos from the trip.