Sunday, October 24, 2010

Various pictures from today...

There are two posts from today's spotting. This first one contains some general pictures. The next one will contain something rather unusual for Wellington.

Top to bottom are:

2x Fairchild SA227-AC, ZK-NSS and ZK-LFT, registered to Airwork Flight Operations [operated for Lifeflight Trust]
Boeing B737-33R, ZK-SJB, registered to Air New Zealand
Cessna 510 Citation Mustang, ZK-MUS, registered to Acernus Aero Ltd
Piper PA32R-301 Saratoga, ZK-ZIG, registered to Golden Bay Air


QW said...

Do you know if the Golden Bay Air Cherokee will be painted similar to the Saratoga?

Rodney said...

Hello QW,

I'm not sure what the plans for ZK-EQS are.