Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Auckland/ Ardmore Visit - Post 4 - Auckland International 2

In this final post from my Auckland visit, I cover off a few of the New Zealand registered aircraft. Nothing much, but a couple of interesting movements.

The first picture is an Air New Zealand Boeing 737-300, ZK-SJC getting airborne. Next is an Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200ER, ZK-OKD, taxying from the international terminal ready to depart. Following this is a Toll Holdings B737-300, ZK-TLD [registered to Airwork Flight Ops]. All fine so far.

One of the big features of the visit though was all of the activity in the domestic terminal due to the earthquake in Christchurch. Estimates so far indicate around 50,000 people flown out of Christchurch [plus those who presumably drove or hitched a ride somehow]. Many of those people would have come to Auckland. Every few minutes there were announcements for passengers arriving from Christchurch, advising them of support services available in the terminal and of transport options.

The RNZAF and Air New Zealand [as well as other airlines and foreign Governments] have been doing a wonderful job in this situation. The RNZAF B757's have probably never worked harder, and, somehow, Air New Zealand has managed to fit in B747 and B777 domestic flights, plus additional B737 and A320 flights - all in all, thousands of extra seats every day.

One bit of good news [and I hope you don't mind me saying, somewhat humorous news] is a couple who drove their badly damaged vehicle from Christchurch, home to Waikanae. Dodgy to be sure, but good on them, and well done to the New Zealand Police for showing some discretion :-) Here's the link:

The next pictures are of an RNZAF Boeing 757-200, NZ7572, landing, followed by an Air New Zealand Boeing 747-400, ZK-NBU landing from Christchurch and finally, the same aircraft parked up outside the domestic terminal.

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