Sunday, March 20, 2011

Unexpected pleasure!

I was not planning to go flying today. Yesterday was a family wedding [no, not me!] and I got back to Wellington late this morning.

I went out to the aero club to relax ahead of a big [non aviation] day tomorrow, and to cut a long story short, ended up being asked to fly a Cessna C172L, ZK-DFI from Wellington [NZWN] to Parparaumu [NZPP], then bring back a Piper PA38-112 Tomahawk, ZK-TAW. Ummmm, ok!

No photos, so you'll just have the believe me when I say that it was a fantastic day to go flying... 30km plus visibility, very little wind, and sunshine all over!

Paraparaumu was interesting in that their sealed runway is being re-sealed, and so all operations were limited to grass run 34/ 16 which is only about 537 meters long. Plenty long enough for both aircraft though and, yes, I can remember how to do short field landings and takeoffs!


Rob said...

Hi Rodney

I've been meaning to send you a quick note for a while to mention how much I enjoy your blog.

As a fellow pilot I can relate to your adventures, and appreciate the fun you have. Case in point your last entry concerning ferrying the 172 up to PP and bringing back a Tomahawk.

I've also got a flying blog, but it's not had too many entries of late. That should pick up soon as I'm starting my CPL Cross Country flights (after a number of false starts!). My latest entry is about my BFR and Tomahawk rating which i did on Friday.


Rob Hoult

Rodney said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks for dropping in and saying "hi". It's always good to hear from people who are looking through the blog!

I like your blog also - looking forward to seeing how things go with your CPL training. All the best for that!