Saturday, April 02, 2011

Today's flight from Wellington to Kaikoura

Yippee! I got to go flying again today, and what a cracker of a day! Normally, if I plan a flight somewhere, the wind picks up, the clouds come down and flying is cancelled. Today however, the winds didn't get much above 5-6 knots at Wellington and the skies were basically clear! Awesome!

Wellington Aero Club has a Cessna 172N, ZK-EJT, online at the moment [this aircraft was online with the Club some years ago also] and it was this that I went across to the South Island then down to Kaikoura in. No particular reason, except that it's close [about an hour away], and different [shorter and much narrower than Wellington] and the scenery is fantastic.

Photos today include Lake Grassmere [used for salt production?], then looking south along the coastline, then towards to west. My phone has GPS in it and this was put to good use. Last two photos are of ZK-EJT at Kaikoura, then a Wings Over Whales Gippsland GA8, ZK-KBZ taking off.

Enjoy the photos - the next post has the trip home!


Glenn said...

Youre suppose to look at maps on your GPS not satelites. Glenn.

Rodney said...

Nah - it does not have maps - it's really just a GPS test application, but then, that's what paper maps for useful for... they don't need any satellites either :-)