Sunday, May 22, 2011

The cause of a minor schism :-)

Today's airliner picture is of an aircraft that seems to have caused a wee bit of comment in Australia, and perhaps a wee bit of humour here in New Zealand.

You may know that the Rugby World Cup is coming to New Zealand later this year. New Zealand and Australia are keen sporting rivals at the best of times, and more-so with an event like this.

It had to end up including the airlines... Air New Zealand has it's all-black Airbus A320, and now Qantas has got in on the act with a specially decorated Boeing B737-838, ZK-ZQF, registered to one of their el-cheapo subsidiaries, Jetconnect. Here's where it gets interesting...

Jetconnect aircraft are painted the same as Qantas mainline aircraft, but it's actually a New Zealand registered airline [owned by Qantas], using new Zealand registered aircraft, and crewed by New Zealanders! No wonder some Aussies are a little miffed - even their national airline is using a New Zealand airline to support their sports stars... ha ha ha.

Oh well, here's the picture. Any of my Aussie readers wish to comment?


Simon said...

I think it's great that so many New Zealanders are taking up the cause to support the Wallabies effort! :p

Rodney said...

Don't worry Simon... we've already got a plan.

The crew for the flight over have already been picked and will take one for the team. The plane will fly to Fiji instead and we've told the Fijian Dictator, the Grand Idiot Bainimarama that they are Aussie army commandos coming to kill him :-)

The reception should be good.

Please do not tell anyone about our plan. It's a secret :-)