Saturday, January 28, 2012

Low flying competition practice and a video

Today I got to go out and practice the manoeuvres for a Flying NZ nationals low flying competition coming up next month. The weather was not ideal in the area around our low flying zone, so I stayed a bit higher and practiced at another location. This was followed by some circuits. The short story is that I need to do a lot more practice :-)

I'm hoping to record one or two of the practice flights, but I need to get a decent mounting kit for the recorder [it will need to be a suction mount so I can mount it on a window]. If I do get this sorted, I'll be sure to post some video.

In other news, a decent video of landings at Wellington on a wild weather day has been produced and released by Airside TV. This is much better than some other Youtube videos - still one is all Wellington and decent resolution. You can see the Airside TV channel here, or watch the one of the videos below. Enjoy!

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