Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Leaving Belfast for London (Gatwick)

About 8 days ago [yes, I'm still catching up on my posts from the trip], I left Belfast to return to London [via Gatwick]. Again I braved the perils of Easyjet :-), and apart from being treated as cattle to be rounded up and controlled [aka: business as usual for this airline], the flight itself went well enough. On landing at Gatwick [ICAO code: EGKK], we hopped off the plane via the airstairs, walked down a flight of stairs, onto the tarmac, then into buses for a trip to the terminal. Not quite as much fun as that might sound... but not as bad as the 90 minute wait for our bags! Atrocious!

I'm not sure is this is Easyjet or Gatwick being useless, but to put it in perspective, I spent less time on the Gatwick Express train and 2 London Tube trains, in rush hour, than I spent waiting for my bags! I guess neither the airline or the airport care at all, but I'll certainly look at things a little closer next time I go to book flights.

Oh well, never mind. I did get some pictures at Belfast International [ICAO code: EGAA] before departure. Top to bottom they are:

Airbus A319-111, G-EZIX, registered to Easyjet
Airbus A320-214, EI-CVB, registered to Aer Lingus
Boeing 757-21K, G-WJAN, registered to Thomas Cook Airlines
Airbus A321-211, G-TCDA, registered to Thomas Cook Airlines [2 pictures]

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