Thursday, September 13, 2012

London's Science Museum, aviation exhibits

My recent visit to London's Science Museum included an unexpected benefit; a floor with a number of aircraft displays, including the aircraft, many engines, even a 1 meter deep section from a Boeing B747!

In addition to some relatively "common' types, I saw the following aircraft, only one of which I had seen before [the SE5A, albeit not in a "skywriting configuration]. Enjoy the following pictures. For other [non aviation] photos from the museum, see my World Travels blog.

Top to bottom are:

Short SC1 - the world's first VTOL aircraft, from 1957! 
H.S. 125, G-ASSM, designed by Geoffrey de Havilland
Hawker P.1127, first prototype, leading to the Harrier Jump jet
Vickers Vimy
Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A, G-EBIB, with extra equipment for skywriting!

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