Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RAF Museum at Hendon - Intro

One of my final "aviation related" activities [apart from my flight home, of course!] was a visit to the RAF Museum at Hendon [effectively a suburb on London these days].

I last visited here about 3 years ago. A few things had changed - enough to make it worthwhile visiting again - and so I spent the best part of a day walking around the various buildings, including the old Grahame-White Factory building, which was closed the last time I visited.

Obviously, there's no way I could every publish every aircraft, and even if I wanted to, many of the displays were dimly lit, which was great to look at, but not quite so good for photography.

A highlight of the visit was a video presentation that is run several times during the day. It's a bit hard to describe, but basically, it's set up in one of the display buildings, with a small "stadium like" seating setup, and  projections is on to a main transparent screen, a second flat "zeppelin airship" shaped screen behind that, and uses the various aircraft in the building by highlighting them from time to time. VERY WELL WORTH visiting!

Lastly, entry is free :-)

Anyway, here are a few pictures to start with. Further posts will highlight a few other areas in the museum. Enjoy! Top to bottom are:

Advertising wall
Westland Lysander
Short Sunderland - this is open for visitors to walk through
Bristol Beaufort
Consolidated Liberator

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! I visited the museum in 2010. Personally I like the video presentation allot too! It really got me into the 'story'. If you're interested in some pictures you can click the link below ;)