Sunday, December 15, 2013

Some special aircraft today...

I was out at the Aero Club today and got to see a couple of very interesting aircraft!

The first was a Boeing 737-377, ZK-SLA, which is registered to Airwork Flight Operations. It appeared to be on a charter today as it parked on the Eastern Apron and the passengers were transferred to some buses.

The second was a Royal Australian Air Force owned Lockheed P3 Orion [no rego for this one]. I heard it when it was almost overhead, so that's all I got for a picture also.


* Thanks to "Barry" for the update, especially on the RAAF P3 Orion [ see comments for more information]

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Barry said...

The Airwork 737 was apparently carrying Leonard Cohen and his entourage and left Christchurch just after lunchtime and the Orion was A9-665 from the RAAF which had left earlier from Christchurch where it had been repainted and was on it's way back to Edinburgh in Australia.